The 2010 FIFA World Cup and the rural hinterland


Atkinson, D (2009), “The 2010 FIFA World Cup and the rural hinterland: Maximising advantage from mega events”, in U. Pillay, R. Tomlinson and O. Bass (eds), Development and Dreams: The Urban Legacy of the 2010 Football World Cup, HSRC Press, Cape Town, pp. 153-173.



In this chapter, regional tourism in non-host areas is considered as one of the potentially positive consequences of mega-events. What can such areas expect from a mega-event such as the 2010 Football World Cup?

The answer is a combination of unintended spillover effects and conscious strategies to maximise beneficial spin-offs. There is, potentially, a wide range of such strategies, whether at community or at governmental level. The latter can also be a complex amalgam of different official agencies, such as provincial governments, regional authorities or municipalities. In effect, mega-events opens the door for numerous social and economic actors to become involved and maximise their slice of the tourism windfall.

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