Alternative crops and ideas for the entire Western Cape

Full Title:

Alternative crops and ideas for the entire Western Cape

Author: Taylor, S
Contributing Authors: Presentation to the Department of Agriculture, Western Cape, Agribusiness and Climate Change conference June 17 – 18
Date: 2009


Introduction – Climate Change basics

Globally climate change is accelerating (IPCC AR41) and African countries are being urged to start adapting now.

Africa has been warned in various international documents and studies that its agriculture is highly at risk from changes to the climate. South Africa‟s agriculture sector is also at risk, especially in the western areas (soil moisture map).

The agricultural sector is already characterized by high exposure to risk. Risks in agriculture are grouped into two main groups: Price risks (trade issue) and production risks (climatic conditions, pests and diseases) and also other risks (eg. Changes in the markets, opportunities for organic produce, major switches in consumer demand like the margarine versus butter issue, etc).

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