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The Konsortium-team invites you to the wide open plains of the South African Karoo where Merino’s, with which many a farmer achieves success, are bred with pride and dedication. Come and share their vision. Experience their passion. Walk the road along which their dreams are realised:

Sustainable agriculture for the dry areas:

SoetKaroo may be one of the smallest registered winefarms in South Africa, but it is definitely the largest in the main road of Prince Albert! This is a young enterprise – the vineyard was only planted in the year 2000, the maiden vintage bottled in 2004:


The Food, Agriculture and Natural Resources Policy Analysis Network:

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It is the aim of the NKT to see each of the Karoo’s 3 Cape Provinces with a Great Karoo Conservancy registered with the relevant provincial and national authorities. Existing conservancies and individual land owners are invited to join. Funds will be used for promoting the objectives of the Great Karoo Conservancy (GKC). Once enough interest has been solicited, all members will participate in electing trustees and coordinators. For the time being, the GKC project and NKT are managed by volunteers.

Karoo fracking (hydraulic fracturing for shale gas mining)

For more detailed ecological research, see

Provides an overview plus in-depth information about the area’s unique biodiversity, human impacts and conservation action:

The endangerd specie Riverine Rabbit programme:

The Nama Karoo Foundation is the organization working to protect the environment and conserve and promote the natural and cultural heritage of the Nama Karoo:

Suppliers of indigenous seeds, plants and advisory services for veld improvement, ecological restoration and horticulture in the Central and Little Karoo:

The Millennium Ecosystem Assessment assessed the consequences of ecosystem change for human well-being. From 2001 to 2005, the MA involved the work of more than 1,360 experts worldwide. Their findings provide a state-of-the-art scientific appraisal of the condition and trends in the world’s ecosystems and the services they provide, as well as the scientific basis for action to conserve and use them sustainably:

Centre for Research on Desertification (CIDE): A Spanish research centre, based in Valencia, focusing on desertification:

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Unforgettable images of the Karoo:

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South Africa and Australia are finalists in the bid to host the Square Kilometer Array Telescope. If South Africa is selected, the “MeerKAT” (Karoo Array Telescope) will be based between Carnarvon, Williston and Vanwyksvlei in the Karoo:


The international SKA office has released a number of new artist’s impressions, with captions, on what the components of the mega telescope, the Square Kilometre Array, may look like.

The latest text description about the telescope is available at

You can download South Africa’s latest brochure on our SKA project at

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Hantam Community Education Trust:

The Transition Towns Initiative encourages towns to come to terms with the climate change issue, and to assess what can be done at local level:

The Institute for Disability Innovation (also referred to as IDI) is situated in Carnarvon, a small town in the Karoo, Northern Cape Province; the new home of one of the Earth’s biggest science projects, the Square Kilometre Array (SKA). IDI is an accredited service provider and offers skills training courses and also implements community projects together with various local government departments. :

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Karoo tourism visit:

South Africa’s Karoo Heartland

Accommodation in the great Karoo:

Gariep Tourism Route:

That’s our Karoo, its past and its present. The heartland of South Africa. A great place to be – now and in the future… :

See the town of Beufort West:

The story weaver – Prince Albert walks & stories:

Prince Albert Online provides information about accommodation, businesses, restaurants and things to do in Prince Albert:

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