101 Country Churches of South Africa

Author:  Philippe Menache, Darryl David Publisher:  Booktown Richmond Press Publish Date: 2010 Notes:   

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A History of the Jews in South Africa, from the earliest times to 1895

Author: Louis Herrman Publisher:   Publish Date:  Notes:   

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A Journey Through the Owl House

Author: Anne Emslie Publisher: Penguin Books Publish Date: 2003 Notes:   

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A Millimetre of Dust: Visiting Ancestral Sites

Author:  Julia Martin Publisher:  Kwela Books Publish Date:  2008 Notes:   

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A Most Awful Excitement: The Boer War Diary of Gerrit Sem of Philippolis

Author:  Doreen Atkinson Publisher:  Sun Media Publish Date: 2012 Notes:   

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A Town Called Elders – Reminiscences of a Country Doctor

Author:  James Hugo Publisher:   Publish Date:  Notes:  Copies, costing R65 each, including VAT and postage, are available from Wordsworth Books, P O Box 1687, Sun Valley, 7985  

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Aberdeen of the Cape: A retreat of the future

Author:  Wendy van Schalkwyk Publisher:  Westby-Nunn Publishers Publish Date: 2007 Notes:   

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Author:  Adam Yamey Publisher:  Private Publish Date:  2010 Notes:  To buy:  

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Baviaanskloof – A World Apart

Author:  Liesl Hatting Publisher:  Private Publish Date:  Notes: The book can be ordered from Anina at Tel : 044 923 2192  

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Bossieveld : Grazing plants of the Karoo and karoo-like areas

Author:  PM le Roux Publisher:  CTP Boekdrukkers Publish Date: 1994 Notes:   

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