The Secret City: A Romance of the Karroo

Author:  Joseph John Doke Publisher:   Publish Date: 1913 Notes:   

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The Story of Earth and Life: A Southern African perspective on a 4.6-bilion-year journey

Author:  Terence McCarthy and Bruce Rubidge Publisher:  Kumba Resources/Struik Publish Date: 2005 Notes:   

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Timeless Karoo: Discover the Sunlit Interior

Author:  Jonathan Deal Publisher:  Random House Struik Publish Date: 2007 Notes:   

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Traveller’s Joy: A journey into the Eastern Karoo

Author:  Bartle Logie Publisher:  Bluecliff Publishers Publish Date: 2001 Notes:   

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Water in the Wilderness: A journey down the Great Fish River

Author:  Bartle Logie Publisher:  Bluecliff Publishers Publish Date: 2006 Notes:   

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Windpumps in South Africa

Author:  James Walton Publisher:  Human and Rousseau Publish Date: 1998 Notes:   

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