Culinary mapping and tourism development in South Africa’s Karoo region


 Culinary mapping and tourism development in South Africa’s Karoo region,  GE du Rand, Ingrid Booysen, Doreen Atkinson,African Journal of Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure Vol. 5 (4) – (2016).


Successful development of cuisine as a niche tourism product has been portrayed in various countries in the world. The paper argues that the Karoo provides evidence of a substantial culinary resource base and an established local food identity. This, in turn, can be promoted as a tourism destination by means of culinary mapping. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) tools are used, supported by a culinary database with information compiled from various sources in literature, the internet, lifestyle magazines, recipe books, census data and tourism structures. A proposed culinary route/itinerary synthesizes the data, identifying authentic food experiences as a niche tourism product, based on a regional cuisine.

Keywords: Culinary mapping, cuisine tourism, local food identity, regional cuisine, Karoo.


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