Evaluation of Farm Worker Sanitation Projects in the Northern Cape


Squires, A, Ingle, M and Atkinson, D (2002), “Evaluation of Farm Worker Sanitation Projects in the Northern Cape”, Unpublished report for Mvula Trust and Department of Water Affairs, Kimberley.

Programme context

The farm worker sanitation projects in the Northern Cape must be seen in the context of a much broader sanitation programme in that province. This programme concentrated primarily on urban areas and small rural settlements. Increasingly, however, the farm worker sanitation initiative assumed greater prominence.

The sanitation programme in the Northern Cape has come a long way since its inception in 1996. During October 1996, Mvula Trust submitted a business plan for the implementation of a sanitation programme in the Northern Cape. This plan’s focus was on creating awareness amongst communities about the importance of health and hygiene and the role that appropriate sanitation plays. The aim was to change the focus from a toilet-building programme to household demand programme where health and hygiene awareness was the key concern.

A business plan was approved by DWAF which made provision for funds from 1997 to 2000. The scope of work included the following to ensure long term sustainability:

  • Participation of environmental health officers (EHO) and clinic nurses in the pilot projects and the programme
  • Ensuring that the health curriculum taught at schools is relevant to Northern Cape circumstances
  • Producing and supplying materials for the EHOs, nurses and teachers
  • Ensuring that the toilets built by the District Councils are appropriate and that the household toilet subsidy could be accessed
  • Implementing demonstration projects where communities demanded them


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