Karoo events

The Karoo is not just a place where sheep graze the pastures. It’s a place full of character and soul, noticeable in all the happenings in our captivating towns.
With this website we want you to see all there is to do in the Karoo.  Find an event that interest you and come and experience our generous hospitality and sincere friendliness.

Contract: Adri Smit : adri@doenit.net

Visit this site for more up to date events and happenings: www.karooevents.co.za

Numerous events and festivals take place every year in the Karoo. For more information, go to Karoo Space: www.karoospace.co.za/category/karoo-festivals/. Enjoy your trip to the Karoo!

Karoo communities are encouraged to contact Karoo Space to market their events.

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