Municipal commonage administration in the Northern Cape


Benseler, A (2002), Municipal commonage administration in the Northern Cape: Can municipalities promote emergent farming? Unpublished report, Human Sciences Research Council, Pretoria.



Land reform is becoming a key part of government policy, especially in the light of land reform pressures in countries like Zimbabwe. It is clear to national and provincial governments that land reform should be speeded up. Municipalities are, therefore, being placed under a lot of political and governmental pressure to increasingly make their commonage land available to emergent farmers.

Additionally, many municipalities are eager to become more developmentally oriented. Township residents are placing pressure on municipalities to promote propoor commonage projects.

Most municipalities in the Northern Cape and Free State inherited vast tracts of land. This land was purchased from farmers, often as early as the mid-1800s. In addition, the Department of Land Affairs (DLA) has provided new farms to the municipalities since 1994.

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