Noka e Tlatswa ke Dinokana – A river swells from little streams


Botes, L and Abrahams, D (2008, 2009), Noka e Tlatswa ke Dinokana – A river swells from little streams: Responsive partnership-building approaches to development, in S De Gruchy, N Koopman and S Strijbos (eds), From our side: Emerging Perspectives on Development and Ethics, Amsterdam and Pretoria: Rozenberg Publishers & UNISA Press, pp. 117-133.


Synopsis: From our side is a collaborative effort of younger scholars in southern Africa and the Netherlands who are interested in the relationship between development and ethics, from a Christian point of view. The 17 chapters that make up the book have been produced through a unique set of partnerships, in which the authors have intentionally worked with practitioners who are working in the development arena. The essays were also shared in a number of settings with the authors, so that they have also benefited from this creative partnership process, and these partnerships have embraced people in both the South and the North, signalling a desire for a global dialogue led by Africa on matters which have a strong impact upon the continent. The title is constructed around three clusters of key development themes. The first theme is identity, culture and gender, which comprises four essays that focus on what it means to be a person or a people in a global world where local identities are under threat through the dominant powers of the world. This section makes the point that development has a very strong social and cultural aspect. The second theme is globalisation, poverty and the market, and we have five essays that explore poverty, ecology and the global economy from a Christian ethical perspective. The third theme is power and the struggle for life, comprising five essays that reflect on issues of power and ethical responsibility in post-colonial politics, and the impact this has upon people’s health and wellbeing.


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