Oviston Nature Reserve: Stakeholder Analysis Report


Atkinson, D (2008b), Oviston Nature Reserve: Stakeholder Analysis Report, Unpublished report for Eastern Cape Department of Environmental Affairs, Karoo Institute, Philippolis.

Purpose and methodology of the study

The National Environmental Management: Protected Areas Act, 2003 promotes mechanisms in place to engage local communities in protected areas. It further states that park plans must be compiled in consultation with a wide range of interested and affected parties and calls for management plans to put procedures in place for public participation. Park forums are put in place by SANParks in order to comply with the Act.

Furthermore, the South African Protected Areas Act requires that each park develops a Management Plan. Such a plan is prepared in consultation with municipalities, other organs of state, local communities and any other affected parties which have an interest in the area.

Consequently, the drafting of the Oviston Nature Reserve Management Plan requires a stakeholder participation process. It is likely that a wide range of stakeholders will identify numerous issues and problems which have direct or indirect relevance to the Reserve, which may extend its involvement into areas which were not previously regarded as being within its strict jurisdiction. By bringing together “people and parks”, there will be an inevitable blurring and admixture of issues, interests, roles, responsibilities, and rights. This institutional “messiness” is an inevitable aspect of development.

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