Orange River

Karoo Captivates The Bishop

When Robert Grey, Bishop of Cape Town, set off for the northernmost reaches of the Colony, he was captivated by the Karoo. “There was no time for reading in the wagon,” writes Thelma Gutsche in The Bishop’s Lady. “The arid desert-like Karoo with its abrupt rocky kopjes, occasional mirages and stunted bushes sparsely mixed with […]


Killed By A Scorpion: James Simmons

In the 1890s James Simmons came to South Africa in search of a better life.  He thought that he had found it in the employ of the Cape Colonial Railways.  He served first as manager of the refreshment rooms at Fraserburg Road Station (Leeu Gamka) and later at Orange River Station (near Hopetown).  He found […]


Who built the ancient walls in the Seekoei River Valley?

Archaeologist Garth Sampson started working on a large-scale, long-term project in the 1970s.   Over the years, this project developed into the largest surveyed archaeological site in Africa and the best known research project in the Karoo, states the summer 2011 issue of Karoo News, the Nama Karoo Foundation newsletter.  The inspiration for this Zeekoei Valley […]