Thomas Pringle

Khoi Resistance To Colonialism In The Baviaanskloof

Baviaanskloof, in the heart of the Kouga Mountains, has always been immersed in mystery and good stories. Here, in 1799,  the Khoi Chief, Klaas Stuurman, offered refuge to “drosters”,  escaped slaves and other fugitives and took up the cause of those forced into “apprenticeship”, badly treated and poorly paid. In time, a group of Khoi […]


Praising the Lord – The Anglican way

Getting the word of the Lord to the far flung corners of the hinterland was a daunting task in the early 1800s. Scottish clergy arrived to preach to Dutch farmers of the interior, but a true Anglican service was a rarity and, when these services were held, they scared the locals! This is according to […]