Gallery in Prince Albert: Christine Thomas, Artist

Wellknown Prince Albert artist, Christine Thomas, is presenting a new exhibition.  Entitled Een Mens Het Baie Name (One Person Has Many Names) it opens on April l and celebrates the words, works and world of Piet Balelie, a colourful local personality. “The exhibition is a multi-dimensional portrait of Piet, his extraordinary clothing and colourful hats,” says Christine. “Each hat in itself is a story and sums up Piet’s philosophy of life. He is illiterate, yet has an enviable ability to use words, stories, rhymes, riddles and jokes to share his world with others. His philosophies effectively are part of his paintings.” Christine has long used local inhabitants and their stories as a theme. In the past her exhibitions have recorded the stories of Gamkaskloof, “The Hel”, riddles and forced removals.

© Rose’s Roundup, May 2011 (No 208)

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