Rev Colin Fraser’s marriage

When Beaufort West’s Dutch Reformed Church minister Colin Fraser heard of Anna Amalia Muller’s conversion, during a service conducted by Ds Abraham Faure in Graaff Reinet, he was immensely impressed. He instantly wrote her a letter proposing marriage. She replied: “Unknown is unloved. It is impossible for me to consider a marriage proposal from someone I’ve never met.” He immediately dashed to Graaff Reinet to introduce himself. She obviously liked what she saw, because they were married on February 27, 1828. In ten years of marriage, she bore him three sons and four daughters (two of whom became teachers and worked in the Beaufort West.) The second son of this marriage, Colin McKenzie Fraser, (born on January 20, 1837) was the first boy born in Beaufort West to study for the ministry. He did this in Scotland and Holland and, after being ordained, returned to South Africa to become the dominee in Philippolis. Anna died on September, 22, 1838.


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