Karoo towns

The Prince Albert goldfields, 1891

The first nugget found at the goldfields, 50km from Prince Albert in 1871, was dug up by an aardvark. This nugget, found in an aardvark hole on Spreeuwfontein, a farm belonging to Mr Lodewyk Bothma, weighed 2,5 oz. It was rounded, water worn and had a few crystals adhering to it.   No further finds were […]


Vibrant civic life in Prince Albert

In 2012, a year of celebrations was held in Prince Albert. This included: The Garden Club’s birthday in February and the start of a new garden for the village; In March, the ACVV celebrated its 100th anniversary and Huis Kweekvallei turned 40; the extremely popular Olive Festival was held in April and in 2013, the […]