Service delivery to farming areas


Ingle, M and Van Schalkwyk, C (2002), Service delivery to farming areas, Unpublished report, Local Government Support and Learning Programme, Department of Local Government, Northern Cape.



Kareeberg Municipality consists of the three towns of Vanwyksvlei, Vosburg and Carnarvon, and their associated farming hinterland. The three towns form an inverted, roughly equilateral, triangle with Vosburg in the east and Carnarvon, much the biggest of the three towns, in the extreme south and very near the Municipality’s southern boundary. The farming districts correspond more or less with the area which, in the past, went to make up the Kareeberg Transitional Rural Council (TRC). It is the farmlands of Kareeberg with which this study will be primarily concerned.

Kareeberg Municipality falls within the jurisdiction of the Karoo District Council but it is important to note that roughly the western two thirds of the Municipality, as it is currently delineated, fell within the old Hantam District Council. The eastern portion, that centred on Vosburg, was always within the Bo-Karoo District Council and has therefore not had to adjust to an unfamiliar administration.


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