Shale Gas Development in the Central Karoo – Impacts on Sense of Place Values

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Shale Gas Development in the Central Karoo: A Scientific Assessment of the Opportunities and Risks
Chapter 13: Impacts on Sense of Place Values

Author: Leanne Seeliger
Contributing Authors: Mike de Jongh, David Morris
Publication: The CSIR led a large interdisciplinary team to analyse the potential impacts of shale gas mining on the Karoo.
Date: 2016


It is more meaningful to speak of senses of place in the Karoo rather than to attempt to define a single sense of place for the Karoo. This does not mean that all senses of place are equally valid or that any sense of place is justifiable within all contexts. Senses of place are often shared by people who either live in a place, or those who value it as a destination for work or holidays or who view it from an outsider’s perspective. Some senses of place may have greater legitimacy than others. They may be regarded to have more value because they are shared by a greater number of people or potentially create value for a larger number of people. Others have more impact because it is the majority view of the people who own land and/or pay taxes and still others carry more weight because they are compatible with a diversity of certain perspectives.


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