Shale Gas Development in the Central Karoo – Impacts on Social Fabric 

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Shale Gas Development in the Central Karoo: A Scientific Assessment of the Opportunities and Risks
Chapter 11: Impacts on Social Fabric

Author: Doreen Atkinson
Contributing Authors: Rinie Schenk, Zachy Matebesi, Karin Badenhorst
Publication: Reprot: The CSIR led a large interdisciplinary team to analyse the potential impacts of shale gas mining on the Karoo.
Date: 2016


The term “social fabric” embraces numerous complex and interrelated phenomena, including demographic and economic factors, behavioural issues (e.g. investment choices, political dynamics), social institutions (e.g. families), social organisations (e.g. municipalities and churches), and social networks, or relationships amongst people. The social fabric is underpinned by people’s beliefs and sentiments, including a sense of belonging and identification with a particular social unit.

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