Griqua identity: A bibliography

Most scholars acknowledge that the origins of the Griqua people are rooted in the complex relationships between autochthonous KhoeSan, slaves, Africans and European settlers. Coupled with the intricacies that underpin the issue of Griqua identity – and often as equally contested – is the matter of terminology.  Christopher Saunders and Nicholas Southey describe the Griquas […]

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Socio-economic and cultural study of the Griqua people in South Africa

The history (or rather ‘histories’) of the Griqua people is a highly contested subject matter and versions of the historical development of the Griqua nation are as diverse as the nation itself. From the early 1800s, when the name Griqua was adopted to describe indigenous people with linkages to the traditional Khoi-San culture, ‘true’ Griqua […]

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