Karoo Lamb

Consumer perception of Karoo lamb as a product of origin and their consequent willingness to purchase

Consumers are increasingly concerned to know where food comes from and how it is produced. Since South African lamb is usually produced on natural pastures and in arid areas, certain breeds have been specifically bred for arid areas, such as the Karoo region, renowned for its high quality lamb. Consumer’s perceptions of Karoo lamb (bred […]

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The food “quality turn” in South Africa: An initial exploration of its implications for small-scale farmers’

This article analyses the way the general turn from mass consumption to the increased qualitative differentiation of products – the “quality turn” – manifests in the South African agro-food system and explores its implications in terms of market access conditions for small-scale farmers in particular. While most retailers’ food quality positioning is in line with […]

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The significance of traceability in consumer decision making towards Karoo lamb

As food markets have become more globalized, consumers have become more concerned about the origin of the foods they eat with a decreased confidence in the quality and safety of foods produced outside their local region or country. Traceability systems address this concerns and the importance of establishing a link between a product, producer and […]

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