Victoria West

Promoting small town development

Van Rooy, R and Marais, L (2012), “Promoting small town development: The case of the Apollo Development Association, in R Donaldson and L Marais (eds), Small Town Geographies in Africa: Experiences from South Africa and Elsewhere, Nova Press. Lochner Marais can be contacted at; book for sale from Amazon:  

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Promotion of small-town development

Van Rooy, R (2007), Promotion of small-town development: The case of the Apollo Development Association in Victoria West, Mini-thesis, Masters in Development Studies, University of the Free State.   ABSTRACT South African small towns are in desperate need of appropriate forms of Local Economic Development. In terms of their nature and scale, the projects embarked on […]

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Victoria West case study

Van Rooyen, D (2007), Victoria West case study. Unpublished report, Centre for Development Studies, University of the Free State, Bloemfontein.   BACKGROUND – BRIEF HISTORY  The town of Victoria West was founded in 1843, when the Dutch Reformed Church bought a portion of the farm Zeekoegat from the estate of Mr. J.H. Claassens. The history […]

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