The Cape Midlands:

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The Cape Midlands: its demography (1911-1960) and regional income (1954/55-1959/60)

Author: John A Banach
Publication: Masters thesis, Rhodes University
Date: 1969


The area covered in this survey of the Cape Midlands is roughly that portion of the Eastern Cape Province which looks to Port Elizabeth as its principal industrial and market centre where the density of the population is the closest. It lies generally within the geographical region described by Professor J.V.L. Rennie as the Eastern Province Midlands Area. “The Midlands area appears to include all that part of the Eastern Province lying west of the Great Fish and Tark rivers and at least as far inland as the Great Escarpment. The term (Cape Midlands) is commonly applied to local organisations in the larger inland centres of Graaff-Reinet and Port Elizabeth interests. Intro. p.1-2

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