Tracking Decorated Ostrich Eggshells in the Kalahari

Full Title:

Tracking Decorated Ostrich Eggshells in the Kalahari

Author: Mary Elizabeth Lange
Publication: Visual Anthropology, 19: 371–388
Date: 2006


This article forms part of the author’s research on the heritage of the Upington, Gariep River, area, in South Africa. Autoethnographic methodology based on reflexive theory is applied, whereby the ways in which the values of the author influence the research are made apparent [Robins 2001Robins , Melinda 2001 Intersecting Places Emancipatory Spaces: Women Journalists in Tanzania . Eritrea : Africa World Press, Inc. [Google Scholar]]. The author uses text and experience to engage both personally and historically with Kalahari artworks and artists, past and present. The focus is on ostrich eggshell decoration and Khoisan Kalahari artist Vetkat Regopstaan Kruiper. Intertextual engagement with the individual is used to reflect broader social, ideological and research issues.

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