Whatever did happen at Jagersfontein?

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Whatever did happen at Jagersfontein? Or: Diamonds are Forever, but Gold is for Now!

Author: Baruch Hirson, Julia Wells and Judie Jancovich
Publication: Collected Seminar Papers. Institute of Commonwealth Studies, 38 . pp. 68-94. ISSN 0076-0773


The Turbulent Years – 1913-1914

On Saturday 5 July 1913, the day after the declaration of a general strik and a night of riots , British troops confronted crowds in central Johannesburg. They dispersed groups in the streets, and then, forming a square, fired volley after volley into the gathering crgwd. Thereafter, until mid-afternoon, they fired at any civilian who came into view. More than twenty were killed, and several hundred were injured.

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